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For the last 20 years, I’ve been coaching people in every AREA of life.

While I primarily coached people with their relationships and dating life, I, as always, carefully created subtle changes that helped my students accelerate their results.

In the years I’ve been coaching, I’ve always been fascinated by human psychology and what makes us be the best version of ourselves.

This lead me to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars studying under nearly every single heard and unheard of teacher, healer, mindset coach, and trainer.

This extra training allowed me to not only sharpen my own skills, but it has made me a more effective coach.

Over time, I’ve kept the same principles that I started with. These were the principles of developing your abilities, confidence and having a main focus on communication.

The reason being, communication is such a vital part of how we operate as people.

Being able to effectively communicate could help you build a massive social following, which you could use to increase how much you charge in your business, or ask for a raise (and increase the chances of getting it), all while granting you access to preferential treatment in clubs, stores, and even airlines.

This is just one of the perks of understanding the FIRST element of the 4-day self-help event.

But before we get into that…
Let me ask you a simple question…

“Why do you think OUR Instructors Have So Much Success In Business And Life?"

It’s not Luck, it’s by design!

When you become a more effective and persuasive communicator, you can have a large social following while also leveraging that to become a brand ambassador – whether that’s yours, a sponsor, or the company you work for.

As the founder, I can’t share with you how many messages I get every day from guys thanking me all around the globe for the free content we put out.

What I’m about to share with you is going to make those videos pale in comparison.

The reason we’re adding more into the self-help side of things is simple…

I’m passionate about helping you, in fact, I’ve had to contain myself so I could get this out to you.

What helping you means is…

Get These Instant Access to These Bonuses:


2. Lifetime Access to Every Summit + Future 4DSH Events ($1500 value)

3. The Positive Dominance Drill - Pure Good Energy System Shock Exercises
to Attract the Same Energy (Value $299)

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I want you to have the best life possible!


I’ve seen how mastering your communication and reclaiming your energy has helped so many people – including me…

It’s why I’m so excited about this 4 Day Self-Help event.

This is only the SECOND time I’ve run this event, and the first time had people having so many breakthroughs in the room that I felt an unspeakable amount of gratitude for those who attended.

My goal is simple, I want to help you change BEFORE you leave the event.

This isn’t for everyone, as it’ll get you to look at yourself properly and help you root out what’s holding you back, sucking your time and energy, and give you the confidence you need to move forward.

Remember, I’ve been doing this for 20+ years, and what I’m going to share with you in 4 days is all the BEST stuff I’ve picked up, applied, taught, refined, and perfected for you.

Before we get into what I’m going to cover at the event, I want to give you an idea of how I’ve set this up.

The first TWO days of the event (Thursday and Friday) are going to start in the evening.

  • The reason for that is I want you to enjoy your day.
  • If you’re local and have work, you can come after work.
  • If you’re flying in, you can enjoy a day in the city before we begin.
  • Then on Saturday and Sunday, we go hard all day.
  • I want you to lay the right groundwork on the first two days, then on the Saturday and Sunday, we really get it nailed.

While I’m seen by many as the teacher of teachers (as everything I share with you is applicable and not theoretical), I’m going to be putting you through a clinic of transformative exercises and changes.


 2. Lifetime Access to Every Summit + Future 4DSH Events ($1500 value)

3. The Positive Dominance Drill - Pure Good Energy System Shock Exercises to Attract the Same Energy (Value $299)

Total Value: $2,299

Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will radically shift your world views to new and unique paradigms.

Join me on this self-help adventure, as I take you by the hand and help you make breakthrough after breakthrough, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

This is something that we have NEVER done before.

During this 4-day event you will join me for an INTENSE workshop experience that will help you be more present to the moment, goal-focused, and break free from the chains of social conditioning to become the powerful person you were meant to be. Seize this opportunity and grab your ticket now:

So, What Will We Cover At This event?

As I’ve mentioned, Communication is going to be one of the first elements we cover.

Here, I’m going to go into detail about how to use your tonality, vocal projection, body language, and more to project your confidence and authority.

This is one of the things we kept from the battle-tested dating content.

It includes how to speak freely, harness your natural humor, being able to communicate with power and conviction, while never running out of things to say to anyone you meet.

Getting a handle on your communication alone will increase the opportunities in your life and make things a lot simpler.

We’re then going to combine it with the Second element – Empathy.

Empathy is such a powerful thing, and being trained in understanding how to harness and be in tune with your natural empathy will help you understand what someone else is feeling just by reading their body language.

This also lets you predict what they do and don’t like so you can tailor your conversations and have a good time.

This is something that you can’t learn from a video.

This is something you have to experience in an immersive event.

When you combine empathy with communication, the world truly becomes your oyster and the sky’s the limit.

It means you’re able to pick up on people’s vibes and communicate with them in a much more effective way.

This sets you apart from everyone else to the person you’re speaking to because you’re actually understanding their feelings and meeting them where they are.

What this means in terms of attraction, friendships, networking, relationships, partnerships, opportunities and more is that you’ll be positioning yourself better than most of the population.

If you get someone from point A to B i.e. their promised land, and you understand them emotionally, then you have a huge advantage.

But Watching Videos Can't Give You These Results, Only Specific Exercises Can...

That’s why we need to work together in person.

By being in the room, my instructors and I can coach you in person which is far more effective, as you can see the transformations happen in front of you.

When you combine Empathy with effective communication, you will have more natural confidence than ever before.

The third element goes hand in hand to why you need to be there live.

We’re going to start breaking down your weird ticks and nervous habits.

These shells and walls we put up whenever we’re afraid to be vulnerable and be our true selves.

When you get nervous and put up a wall, the person you’re communicating to naturally picks this up and puts up their wall.

This stops you being able to empathize and communicate with them.

I want you to get out of your own way so when you talk to anyone, through any form of communication, you’ll be able to connect with them without a wall being put up.

We’re going to dig into these ticks and habits and excavate them.

This will be challenging but rewarding when you get to the other side.

I’ve got a fire in my belly to help you and doing these exercises with you will put a fire in yours!

Those weird ticks and nervous habits also come up in other ways…

Such as feeling demotivated, lazy, or wanting to just switch off when you have other, more important things to do.

This all comes down to knowing your core drivers and motivators.

When you combine the first two elements of empathy and communication, then know your core motivators and drivers, you’re going to start becoming unstoppable with how you go out into the world.

Look, I’ve mentioned how this could help you with every area of your life, especially when it comes to marketing yourself or if you’re marketing your business.

When you have all 3 elements combined, you’re able to confidently and authentically communicate with your audience, business partners, and people you work with (and want to work with) in a way that creates a win-win situation.

I’ve been a part of workshops and live events that have done over $100 million in sales and while I didn’t keep it all, it gave me a very deep understanding of marketing.

Which leads me to the next element we’re going to cover, which is a by-product of the first 3, and that is becoming a persuader.

While a lot of people have a skittish response to persuasion and marketing, it’s actually one of the most beautiful artforms that actually helps everyone in terms of communicating and helping everyone get what they want (including you).

The reason I’m teaching this is simple, I don’t want to just keep these strategies to my team and I anymore. I want these strategies to help you achieve the outlandish, incredible, and unbelievable!

Some of the results I’ve had from being persuasive have had me walking into a packed restaurant and getting a good table.

Or asking a place to stay open later without pissing off the staff.

There have also been instances where I’ve had stores open up again, just to let me and my partner do our shopping after hours.

These are just some of the benefits of being persuasive.

You can actually use this in your day to day to attract more opportunities in your life and capitalize on the ones you currently have.

One of my goals is to have you use these exact strategies, transformations, and breakthroughs to go out in the world and share your brilliance.

When you become a great persuader, the world becomes your playground, and you actually use your powers for good.

True persuasion comes from a place of deep empathy and the want to help others.

From this, we begin to look at the Life Audit.

The life audit is one of the many exercises I’ll put you through.

Its entire purpose is for you to come face-to-face with what’s sucking your energy.

This is a process where you cut off the elements that are vampiric. The elements that are drawing the life out of you.

When this is going on, you actually feel like shit for no reason and have a lack of energy or drive.

I’m going to be taking you through a breaking down exercise that will be a little painful, but it will set you free from the grasp of the energy vampires, and the negativity plaguing your life.

This is a transformational process.

One that will lead to deep change by zoning in on your core strengths.

By doing this, you’ll start valuing yourself, and using that as leverage to get paid more, have the confidence to pursue your passions and dreams, and having the communication skills, core strengths, and a deep understanding of those you want to serve.

Right now, I want you to look at your life, it’s boundaries, and see exactly where your energy is being sucked off.

And also which boundaries you’ve “set up” but never fully enforced.

As you don’t know your core strengths, you’ll feel frustrated which only reinforces the lack of inner strength and results.

We go deep into this and you can’t just be sat at home watching this.

You’ve got to get in the game, get engagement and do the work with us to get the best results…

Finally, We'll Get You Spiritually Aligned

You might not believe it but that’s ok, you’ll feel it when you’re in the room.

I’m going to take you through exercises that are designed to help you release the energetic trauma you’ve been unconsciously carrying with you.

This is the same trauma that holds you back from making decisions, from taking action and having the life you want to have.

By realigning yourself spiritually, you’re able to get into congruence with yourself, which alone increases your integrity.

This process also releases a lot of energy and will be evident in your work ethic.

The best part, however, is how people around you will notice a different look in your eyes, a peaceful strength that you carry with you.

This isn’t just about the inner work, I want this to be an inside and outside transformation.

I want you to go forward into the world with a sense of peace, strength, and understanding of how to communicate more effectively and persuasively.

And of course, being free from all that energetic trauma.

This will set you up to feel more fulfilled internally and externally.

So, in summary, we’re going to be having 4 intense days of immersion that will help you in ways that you couldn’t have foreseen or expected.

You'll Experience Life-Changing results

Don’t just take my word for it, the first time – which, evidently, is the last time – I ran this event in LA, the feedback was incredible.

People were crying, having breakthroughs, going through transformations – physical ones where you could see their body posture change!

Here’s what some of them have said…

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You’ll receive an email with an invoice and instructions about the event 20 minutes after you complete your investment.

Of course, there’s a guarantee, if you didn’t find this was worth at least 10x the ROI (Return On Investment) and you didn’t get even 1 thing that could better your life, then let us know and you’ll be covered by our money back guarantee.

As I’ve said countless times, my goal is to make sure that you get results.

This means digging deep into your health, wealth, and relationships.

Why try and sit there and sort it out for yourself when you could bring 20 years of knowledge, energy, motivation, and inspiration to get it handled right now?!

When you attend you can be a part of something amazing and have these breakthroughs.

This is a brand new Self-help event, and it’s gonna be huge.

And most importantly, you’re going to be huge!

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Keep being a badass,

Owen Cook

P.S. These elements all work in unison with one another and will get you to the point where you have the life you want to live.

P.P.S. Remember this, once you can read someone’s body language (empathize) you can break their walls down (by breaking your own walls down – vulnerability), then communicate exactly what you want (Communication) and persuade them to take the action that will be a win-win for everyone (Persuasion).

You’ll truly have the knowledge and ability to create the life you want.

So what are you waiting for?


 2. Lifetime Access to Every Summit + Future 4DSH Events ($1500 value)

3. The Positive Dominance Drill - Pure Good Energy System Shock Exercises to Attract the Same Energy (Value $299)

Total Value: $2,299